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Writing a Both/And Post


  1. Pick a topic or an issue in politics today that interests you.  It needs to be something that you have an opinion about or some sort of experience with.

  2. Choose a topic where you feel both sides of the political spectrum have something helpful to say.   For example, when you are watching the news, do you ever think to yourself "there is some truth to that opinion but I also think its a bit more complicated than that."  Maybe one side wants to fix a certain aspect of a national problem but the other side is not including that perspective in theirs even though it could be helpful.

  3. Write about the common ground that you see on this political issue.  Comment about how bringing all ideas to bear on finding a solution could move us forward.  It is BOTH what politician A is saying AND if he also included what his arch nemesis politician B is saying, we could move forward on finding a solution and here is why I think so.  Or, if not related to a particular politician, you can do the same with a policy issue that tends to have one side with one opinion and the other side with another.

  4. Don't overthink it or overcomplicate it - we need raw and real opinions from everyday Americans. We are practicing a new form of dialogue and discussion here and it doesn't need to be perfect.

  5. Have fun with it! 

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